Vaping CBD Flower: The Complete Guide

Vaping CBD is one of the more popular and common ways for many people to consume their daily CBD. One thing that many people haven’t discovered yet is vaping CBD flower, and the differences in smoking CBD flower vs CBD Oil.

To someone inexperienced with CBD consumption, the wide variety of products can be sort of confusing, but even more experienced uses may be confused by the differences in smoking CBD flower and vaping CBD oil.

This guide will cover everything you need to know, including what CBD flower actually is, how to vape CBD flower, and the benefits and drawbacks of vaping CBD flower vs CBD oil!

What is CBD Flower

All CBD products legal in the United States currently come from the hemp plant. This is a special strain of cannabis that has a limit of 0.3% THC in it.

This high CBD variant of cannabis ensures many of the medicinal benefits of the plant without the high that comes from consuming THC.

Near the end of a hemp plants growing cycle, the leaves will grow and ‘flower’, giving the product its name. Cannabis flower, hemp flower, and CBD flower all refer to this specific product and stage of growth.

The term flower also distinguishes this product from those made from the entire plant. Removing stems, seeds and other organic materials typically means that flower will be more concentrated with cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids that other products.

Once the flowers of the plant are harvested, they go through a drying process and a decarboxylate (or curing) process to reach the final product.

How to Vape CBD Flower

Vaping CBD flower is slightly harder than vaping standard CBD oil. It’s also not quite as convenient as a cartridge or pen that is filled with an e-liquid.

To vape hemp flower you’ll need two different pieces of equipment that you probably don’t have just laying around the house.

The first, an herb grinder, is a common thing used traditionally for people who pick their own herbs and spices. Just as the name implies, you will need to place the flower into this device and grind the flower into tiny pieces to be used. While you can get these for around $10, we recommend you spend a little extra for a quality unit to get most of your CBD flower.

Next up, a dry herb vaporizer. We use a AutLoops adjustable temperature unit that does the trick quite nicely. Once the flower is ground into small enough particles just place it in your dry herb vape and enjoy your CBD!

Benefits of Vaping CBD Flower vs CBD Oil

After years of research, advertising, and studies, it is safe to say that smoking anything, from cannabis to cigarettes, there are a certain number of carcinogens and toxins released during the burning process that you inhale.

While the exact health benefits and risks of vaping are not yet completely clear, we know that vaping CBD allows you to avoid the carcinogens that come with smoke.

This benefit applies to both vaping CBD flower and CBD oil, so the question becomes why should you chose to vape hemp flower over an oil-based product?

Safe and No Additives

There has been a lot of noise around vape products causing people to become very sick and even die. If a manufacturer is not up front about what is in their e-liquid it can have serious health implications to a user.

Because of the way CBD flower is made, it goes through significantly less refinement and extraction steps than other CBD products do. CBD flower is grown, cut, cleaned, and dried. Simple as that.

You still want to make sure you’re buying from a licensed and regulated grower and manufacturer though. The best brands have strict quality control in place and have third party lab tests to prove their quality.

Full Spectrum CBD That isn’t Refined

Because you are getting a plant that hasn’t gone through many of the extraction stages that more refined CBD products go through, you are left with a potent full spectrum CBD product.

Full Spectrum flower has all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that are possibly available in the plant. Even Full Spectrum Oil can’t boast this as some of these substances are lost in the manufacturing processes.


Many people are off put by the price of CBD Oil. This cost is a result of the high manufacturing costs that are a result of a several step extraction process. Vape juices and e-liquids add another step to the process, as well as carrier oils and ingredients. All of this is passed on to the consumer.

We already talked about the dry herb grinder and vaporizer that are needed to vape flower, which is an initial cost, but after that you are only buying the flower.

Upfront it can be a bit expensive to start, but in the long run CBD flower will likely save you a lot of money over vape pens and e-liquid options.


The flavor of your cannabis depends heavily on the terpene profile of the strain you are vaping. With many e-liquids and oils you are getting a diluted, or modified flavor that may not be to your liking.

Vaping CBD flower allows you to enjoy all of the different textures of flavor with each terpene, without the harshness that comes with smoking, or the sugary aftertaste of many vape juices and oils. With a little experimentation you can find a strain that has the perfect flavor profile for your tastes!

Final Thoughts on Vaping CBD Flower

Vaping CBD flower absorbs better into your lungs than smoke does and is safer because of the lack of carcinogens and toxins. It also has a better terpene and flavonoid profile than vaping CBD Oils thanks to fewer steps needed to manufacture the product.

Overall, if you are vaping or smoking a product to get your CBD we recommend trying CBD flower. It has many benefits over both smoking hemp and vaping CBD oils or e-liquids, with the one big drawback being the initial cost.