First Time Vaping CBD? Beginners Guide and Benefits

People have been smoking cannabis for longer than you can guess, both recreationally and medicinally, and vaping CBD is becoming a popular option as well. If this is your first time vaping CBD, you may be concerned because you don’t want to get high, or can’t have THC in your system because of drug tests.

Luckily for you, CBD manufactures have quickly taken the vaping technology that has become popular for nicotine users and converted it to enable CBD usage.

In this article we’ll cover the benefits of vaping CBD, and tips for picking the right CBD liquid for you as well as a major safety concern you should be aware of! 

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD, otherwise known as cannabinol, is a naturally an occurring substance found in the cannabis plant. While all cannabis plants have CBD, the products that you will buy online and in local stores come from a special stain known as hemp.

Hemp is special and used in the CBD industry because it has been removed from the schedule 1 drug list thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill.

It is also special because it has a maximum legal limit of 0.3%. THC is a cannabinoid, similar to CBD, found in all cannabis. Unlike CBD though, THC will cause the ‘high’ that is normally associated with the plant.

How Do you Vape CBD Oil?

You will need both special CBD products, designed for vaping, and special equipment called vapes, or vaporizers, if this is your first time vaping CBD Oil.

CBD Vape Oil, often called CBD vape juice, is a blend of CBD Oil or CBD isolate and a carrier liquid that serves as a thinning agent. Vapes generally don’t have many ingredients other than the CBD, the carrier liquid and often a flavor additive.

When it comes to vaporizers, there are two main types that you’ll see on the market.

Tank-Style Vapes for CBD

Tank style vapes are pretty easy to spot, not only because they are larger than the pens, but they produce huge clouds of vape when used. Tanks use e-liquids that are soaked up into a cotton or silica wick that surrounds a heating coil.

E-liquids are made of a mixture of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, flavorings, and CBD. Because of the added ingredients e-liquids are not as pure or do not have as high of a concentration of CBD as the concentrates that pens use.

You can get tank style vapes in either disposable or refillable models. The disposable models use cartridges that can be easily inserted and then thrown away when used. If you go this route be careful of cheap cartridges that have plenty of quality concerns associated with them.

With a refillable vape you simply need to add more e-liquid to the vape chamber when it is empty and occasionally change the heating coil as well.

Vape Pens

CBD vape pens are much more inconspicuous than the tank style vapes, and you get a higher concentration of CBD with the product since they use concentrated CBD isolate products.

Just like the refillable tank products, you will have to change the heating coil with pens. Often this has to be done quicker with a vape pen than a tank because the flavor additives and CBD leaf residue speeds up the oxidation of the coils, so they need to be replaced faster.

More and more we are seeing pens that are completely replaceable and in kits that are easy to swap out parts with. If you want to control exactly the CBD substance you are consuming, pens are the way to go.

Vaping CBD Oil Benefits

When compared to taking CBD Oil, edibles, or topical CBD products, those who are vaping CBD for the first time have some notable benefits to look forward too.

These include the fastest delivery method of any CBD product, a fairly inconspicuous product, flavoring, control of ingredients, and flexible dosing.

Fast Absorption

Vaping is the single fastest rate of absorption for CBD. When inhaled, the CBD quickly enters the blood stream through your lungs, completely skipping the digestive track. All other forms of CBD have to spend some time in your system before reaching the bloodstream.

This is great for those who suffer from anxiety attacks or pain that comes and goes. Vaping gives these people nearly instant access to relief.


Unlike smoking nicotine or cannabis, CBD Oil has a very discrete odor that will not alert people around you to its use.

The vaporizer itself is small enough to fit in your pocket or purse, and common place enough that no one is likely to question the substance you’re using!

Pure with Few Ingredients

The best vaping liquids come with a maximum of four ingredients: CBD (often in isolate form), an ingredient or two to bind and thin the oil to make it vapable, and sometimes a flavoring component.

No extra chemicals, additives, or harmful substances…. Just pure CBD.

Pen options are especially pure, often only using CBD isolate and a flavoring option as a thinner.


As we’ve hinted at already, many e-liquids and CBD concentrates come with a flavor option to make your vaping experience more pleasant. Many users dislike the taste of pure CBD oil, and this is a perfect solution to that problem.

Flexible Dosing

Anxiety and chronic pain sufferers know that these problems come and go and can often strike out of the blue. With an oil or pill-based delivery system, you can’t customize your dosing for those difficult times.

When vaping, you can smoke more during those bad times to get relief, and not use the vape much or even at all when you are feeling well.

How Safe is Vaping CBD Oil?

There is one question people always ask about vaping, and that is “Is it safe?”.  Especially for non- smokers, the thought of vaping isn’t always a comfortable one so there are two things we want to mention.

The first is that the long-term effects of vaping either nicotine or CBD are not yet known. Unlike cigarettes, there aren’t a lot of chemicals in the E-liquids used to Vape.

Unfortunately, doctors still aren’t sure if that makes them that much healthier.

The next is Propylene Glycol, which is a thinning compound used in many CBD hemp vape oils to dilute the oil enough to allow for vaping.

The FDA and CDC considers propylene glycol safe for ingestion as a food additive. The problem is that the substance becomes toxic at high temperatures and could cause damage to respiratory organs.

Therefor, it’s best to use a vape product that does not contain this substance.

What Vape Products do we trust? Glad you asked!

Best CBD Vape Oil

If you’ve been anywhere else on our site, you know we are a big fan of CBDFx. Their Vape products are no exception!

They have a wide variety of CBD vape juice products for tank style and a selection of different pen flavors for you to choose from.

As with all their products, 3rd party lab tests are widely available and they only used certified organic non GMO hemp plants grown in Colorado.

Final Thoughts on Vaping CBD Oil

If it is your first time vaping CBD, you have a lot to consider! This is without a doubt the fastest way to feel the relief of CBD oil, but it does have a few health concerns that we simply do not yet know about.

If you are concerned about this, you can also vape CBD flower, which may be a safer alternative. Also, consult your doctor before starting to vape CBD to get a professional opinion.