What is CBD Wax – Benefits, Types, and How to Use

The world of CBD is exploding. New brands and products are constantly popping up. Most people have researched their particular condition and know CBD will or won’t work… but what type of CBD? Unless you know what you’re looking for, or at, everything can be confusing.

The range of CBD products is daunting, and includes oils, gum, capsules, several forms of vaping products, food and drink mixtures, lotions and creams, hygiene products, and finally, wax.

Each of these forms has benefits and drawbacks, some people may love wax while others prefer a cream. This is also dependent on your current lifestyle and how you take other forms of medication. In this article we’ll dive deep into the details of CBD wax so you’ll know if it’s right for you!

What is CBD Wax

CBD wax is a type of CBD concentrate, highly refined and processed. Due to this fact, CBD wax is very potent compared to other CBD products. This allows you to take high levels of CBD while only ingesting a very small volume of substance.

Basically, CBD Wax is the smallest amount of CBD you can take a get results.

Now, just like most things not all CBD Wax is created equally, so how it is made will affect the quality of the end-product greatly.

How is Wax Made

All CBD, not just concentrates, can be made through several different extraction processes. In the extraction process all of the plant fiber and other unwanted materials from the CBD.

Most people want to use a low THC variation of CBD oil, so make sure that you’re buying a product that was made from hemp. Hemp is a strain of the cannabis plant that is required by law to be low in THC so it won’t trigger the high that is associated with cannabis.

We will look at each of the three most popular extraction methods, Butane Hash Oil, the Ethanol method, and the CO2 method.

Butane Hash Oil Extraction

A very popular extraction method despite some risks, the butane extraction process results in what is known as “honey oil” due to the look. In this process all the essential materials are ‘pulled out’ of the plant using butane, then the butane evaporates.

One problem with this method is that butane is explosive, leaving the risks of this process relatively high. Butane is also toxic to humans, so quality control is a MUST. With any CBD product we recommend only buying from reputable brands with third-party testing.

Ethanol Extraction

Much safer and much more cost effective than CO2 Extraction, ethanol extraction starts by using ethanol to soak the leaves of cannabis and extract the cannabinoids.

When the cannabinoids are extracted they are in an inactive state, and have to be activated. This activation is done by a decarboxylation process. Finally, the CBD is put through a process called winterization, removing all of the unwanted fatty acids, plant materials, and chlorophyll.

CO2 Extraction

This is probably the most commonly used method of extraction, especially or larger companies. Using pressurized carbon dioxide, the cannabinoids are separated from the plant. Then a combination of high pressure and heat the CO2 goes supercritical (simultaneously a liquid and a gas) activates the cannabinoids and finishes the process.

The benefit to this process over butane is the CO2 evaporates off as it’s cooled, leaving a much cleaner CBD that is free of any residual solvents or chemicals.

The Four Types of CBD Wax

CBD wax is actually a broad term that covers several different variations of the product. Each one is slightly different and has unique benefits.

If you decide that wax is the right CBD product for you then you’ll want to know what these variations are since you are likely to find advertised rather than wax.

The four variations of wax are CBD shatter, CBD budder, CBD crumble, and CBD Live Shatter.

CBD Shatter

Shatter has the reputation as being the cleanest and purest form of CBD wax. In the manufacturing process chemicals and heat are used to extract the oil and when it cools it hardens. The final product has the appearance of broken glass, or rock candy.

When Shatter is heated to consume, it takes on a gooey, honey colored appearance.

CBD Budder

The final consistency of this product resembles butter than you’d use on bread or in cooking, thus the name.

As the wax is settling and forming it is put into a high temperature oven and whipped/stirred, leaving the product that is fluffy and smooth.

CBD Crumble

Picture feta cheese and you’ll know what CBD crumble is like. Produced in a very similar fashion to budder, the CBD base used to make crumble has a much higher moisture content and viscosity. The final product, as the name would suggest, will actually fall apart in small pieces when handled.

CBD Live Resin

The most unique of the four variations, CBD live resin is actually freeze dried while it is fresh. The other methods use a air dried or cured plant.

The big benefit to live resin is that more of the cannabinoids and terpenes are preserved. The resulting product is noted for its intense flavors, aroma and overall effects from the extra terpenes. Advocates of live resin will generally pay a premium for this process.

How to Use CBD Wax

One of the biggest drawbacks to CBD wax is that all of the consumption methods involve inhalation. Many non-smokers don’t find the thought of smoking, vaporizing, or dabbing a substance to be appealing.


This is the cheapest and easiest way to use CBD wax. There are tons of low cost vape pens on the market that are compatible with wax as well as some extremely expensive options.

Some vapes only use an e-liquid, so make sure you can use wax with your pen. The pen will have a compartment where you place the concentrate. Once the wax is added, turn on the vaporizer to heat the substance into a smoke that you can inhale.


Because vape pens normally use a liquid, it is much more common for CBD concentrates are dabbed. This is actually a form of flash vaporization due to the extreme eat used.

To consume wax like this you’ll need a dabbing rig, which consists on a ‘nail’ where the substance is heated using a torch (normally butane). This process turns the wax into a vapor which is inhaled through the rig.

This will cost a little more to get started than a cheap vape pen, with decent rigs starting around $50. After a few tries the process of dabbing becomes very simple.


Not our recommendation, smoking out of a bong is generally wasteful and easy to have problems doing. Just like you’d load the bowl with buds if you were smoking the plant, you would load the wax into the bowl and heat it until it starts to vaporize.

Benefits of CBD Wax

First and foremost, CBD wax has all of the benefits of the other CBD forms you may have already researched. CBD works with the endocannabinoid system to help balance and regulate many different bodily functions.

While much of the early research done on cannabis focuses on THC, which is the more famous cannabinoid found in cannabis, anecdotal evidence and early studies focused on CBD show many of the same results.

Looking at wax specifically, there are two main benefits of consuming CBD this way.

The first benefit is the potency of CBD concentrates in general. There is no better way to get an extremely high dose of CBD in such a small overall dose. With that being said, take less than you would for other CBD products since the concentration is so much higher.

The 2nd benefit, and this goes for all vaping, dabbing and smoking methods, is the speed that the CBD gets to your system. Being inhaled and then absorbed through the capillaries in your lungs is almost a direct line into your bloodstream.

Unlike other forms of consumption that must pass through digestion, skin, or some other intermediary, inhalation provides near instant relief.  For those suffering from anxiety or pain this method is especially appealing.

The Best CBD Wax – Our Recommendation

Earlier in the article we talked about the importance of going with a reputable company that provides 3rd party testing to guarantee that you’re getting a good product.

CBDFx Dabs Product

If you know us, you know we are a big fan of CBDFx, and their wax product is no exception. Derived from Organically grown hemp in Colorado one container has 300mg of CBD!!!

While smoking or vaping CBD isn’t to everyone’s liking, it is one of the fastest, cleanest ways to consume CBD. If you don’t have reservations about inhalation, we highly recommend you try CBD wax!