CBD Oil Pros and Cons: Is CBD Right for You?

In the last 10 years or so CBD based products have exploded onto the market. Like any new product, people need to be able to make an informed decision about the benefits and drawbacks of a substance. We are dedicating this article to look at CBD Oil pros and cons.

We’ve done a lot of research into the different topics surrounding this question and have come up with 6 pros and only 2 possible drawbacks of using CBD Oil.

Before we get to that though, lets do a quick overview of what CBD Oil actually is

What is CBD Oil?

It’s likely you know what the cannabis plant is, most adults do. You probably also have an idea what THC is. THC has been talked about in relation to cannabis for generations, and for good reason. THC is the chemical compound, known as a cannabinoid, that causes the high when smoked that cannabis is known for.

CBD is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. In fact, THC and CBD are two of over a hundred different cannabinoids found in the organic cannabis plant.

Unlike THC, CBD does not cause any psychoactive effects, in fact, most people don’t feel much of anything “different” when they take CBD, at least from a mental perspective.

CBD does share many of the medicinal benefits that THC brings though, and this is why it has become so popular. People worldwide have smoked cannabis for generations as a treatment for a wide range of maladies.

Many won’t smoke cannabis though because they don’t want to get high, or they work in an industry that forbids it. In fact, until the 2018 Farm Bill all forms of cannabis were a schedule 1 drug. Hemp, which is a CBD rich strain of cannabis, has been removed from that list and made legal.

Now that you know a bit about CBD, lets dive into the pros of CBD Oil.

Pros of Using CBD Oil

We are big supporters of CBD, so it should come as no surprise that our list of benefits is going to outweigh our list of cons.

CBD helps the endocannabinoid system with so many bodily tasks, it was easy to point out these topics. Along with these benefits come things like the lack of a high, variety, and ease of use.

No High From CBD

While we already mentioned this when covering the difference between CBD and THC, it is worth noting here as well.

Many people never feel the relief that cannabis can bring because they are either scared of the high or can’t use it due to random drug testing. While you still need to be careful with CBD and drug tests, it’s not due to the CBD.

Variety of CBD Products

As CBD has become both more popular, and legal throughout the United States, the number of products available to consume it has completely exploded. You now have a huge variety of products and brands to shop from.

You have options with strength and what remains in the final product. Full Spectrum, Broad, 0% THC, and CBD Isolates all come from the hemp plant and are mostly CBD. The differences in these products does give a user some choices though.

You also have a choice between gummies, oil, topicals and vaping CBD. These are the popular and most commonly used methods for CBD, but things like Honey Sticks and Bath Bombs are hitting the market too!  

Ease of Use

Thanks to the variety of products out there, CBD is amazingly easy to use. A gummy, coffee or tea is simply a matter of putting it in your mouth! An oil product is placed under the tongue, and we all have used topical products without CBD before!

Vaping isn’t quite as easy as some of the others, but after a quick walk-through from a friend or even a trip to you local shop, this is easy too.

Dosing has also become quite easy with brands and manufacturing companies going out of their way to label and sell products in different strengths of CBD.

CBD helps with Depression and Anxiety

In early studies CBD has shown great results as an antidepressant. While human studies are limited and by no means conclusive, the early findings look good.

Scientists believe that CBD helps to activate CB1 and CB2 receptors throughout your body. In the case of depression, CBD helps to activate and regulate serotonin levels in your body. Low serotonin levels is one of the leading causes of depression.

Likewise, through this same pathway CBD looks to be able to calm anxious feelings by calming and resetting stressors and feelings of worry. In a study published in September of 2015, researchers concluded “CBD has considerable potential as a treatment for multiple anxiety disorders.”

CBD Sleep Benefits

We just said that CBD helps with anxiety, and anxiety is a major sleep inhibitor. Just relieving a little stress and anxiety would help people sleep.

On top of that, researchers have found that compared to a placebo, a dosage of CBD of 160mg increased sleep duration.

Lastly, people with elevated levels of cortisol often struggle to fall asleep. High cortisol levels also result in an elevated number of nighttime awakenings. Larger doses of CBD have been proven to significantly reduce the cortisol levels.

CBD for Pain and Inflammation

Cannabis has been used as a pain reliever for decades. Indigenous people around the world show signs of using the plant as far back as 2900 BC.

CBD has been shown to be just as effective as the full cannabis plant and is used for a wide range of inflammation and chronic pain conditions. This is a great, natural alternative to the normal over-the-counter pain killers many depend on.

CBD for Other Conditions

The three conditions we listed above have a good amount of science behind them and we feel comfortable presenting them. Using CBD Oil for cancer symptoms, Epilespy, OCD, acne and many autoimmune disorders all have shown promise.

Cons of Using CBD Oil

Our list of cons is really short. Just two, in fact. There are some things that others have mentioned as negatives, like the cost of CBD. CBD can be expensive depending on the dosing you need, but so can many, many medications.

With that in mind we left the taste out, which can be easily masked and is almost a non-factor with the products currently on the market. We also didn’t include the fact it affects people differently, because once you know your dose it is easy to take and all new substances generally have a little of a trial period.

Limited Research Studies

Unfortunately, because CBD was illegal for so long much of the research that has been done on it is very recent. We know of dozens of studies that are in progress, so this should change soon.

Another problem is that many studies are not human trails, but animal tests. While this is not optimal, it is obviously the safest route. Keep an eye on our News section to see the updates on research as we find them!

CBD and Drug Interactions

CBD and the endocannabinoid system work throughout the body, interlacing and interacting with several bodily functions and chemical levels. There are certain drugs, including some popular blood pressure medication that does have a reaction to CBD.

If you are taking any prescription drugs you should consult with your doctor before starting to use CBD Oil!

Final Thoughts on CBD Oil Pros and Cons

For most people, the pros of CBD Oil will far outweigh the cons. The advantages include no high, a variety of products, the ease of use, and the benefits for sleep, pain and inflammation, and a positive effect on anxiety and depression. The cons are limited to lack of research and some possible drug interactions!

As more is discovered about CBD the pros and cons will probably change and become more accurate, so keep an eye out for updates and new articles on the topic!