Should you Use CBD Eye Drops for Glaucoma and Other Conditions?

CBD’s health benefits are widespread, and people are always looking for new ways it may help with various conditions. It was only a matter of time before CBD eye drops were considered to help with common eye conditions, including glaucoma.

Smoking cannabis has been used to treat glaucoma since 1971. At that point, we did not know nearly as much about the components of the plant. The benefits from THC-rich cannabis has proven to relieve the intraocular pressure of glaucoma. Does low THC, CBD oil have the same benefit?

As with anything you are taking for health benefits, it’s important to know all aspects of how CBD eye drops may affect you and we will cover all the important information.

Can You Put CBD Drops in your Eyes?

This might seem like common sense, but you definitely don’t want to put CBD Oil directly into your eye. To provide direct topical relief to the eye several companies have started to develop CBD eye drops that are advertised to help ocular pain, irritation, and even glaucoma.

CBD works with your endocannabinoid system to influence a few special types of receptor that are located throughout your body. These receptors help to reduce inflammation, eliminate pain, manage hormone and chemical levels, and more.

The hope is that CBD eye drops, when used, can directly effect corneal irritants and ocular pain the same way a topical lotion relieves muscle and joint pain.

Making CBD Eye Drops

One of the difficulties of putting CBD directly in your eye is that cannabinoids like THC and CBD are highly lipophilic, meaning they don’t dissolve in water. Eye drops, on the other hand, are made up of mostly water so they will penetrate the tear layer that protects the cornea.

Some of the leading manufacturers of CBD products have developed water soluble CBD technology, allowing CBD to mix much better with water.

These solutions allow manufacturers to make water-based CBD eye drops that combine CBD with more traditional eye drop ingredients for fast, targeted relief.

Is CBD Good for your Eyes?

As with almost everything concerning CBD, the use of CBD for your eyes is still under researched.

That being said, the obvious reason to use CBD eye drops are for conditions you would normally use eye drops for.

If you are experiencing dry eyes then an eye drop with CBD will work just as well, if not better, for lubricating the eye. Same with irritation in the eye. In fact, CBD should help more than traditional eye drops because it will work with the receptors in the eye to lubricate the eye and relax the nerves being irritated and causing the pain or itching.

There are also early studies that link CBD eye drops with mood support. Because the eyes are so close to the brain the theory is that drops will reach the brain faster than other delivery methods, delivering mood boosting relief directly to the brain.  

Concerns with CBD Eye Drops

As we mentioned earlier smoking THC-rich cannabis has been used since the early 70’s for glaucoma, with the belief being that it helped to reduce pressure in the eye socket, which is one of the big risk factors for the disease.

While CBD and THC are similar cannabinoids, they do have some key differences. In some instances, they appear to act in concert with each other, but in others early research seems to say they counteract one another.

For glaucoma sufferers, this leaves them unsure about the efficacy of CBD eye drops. Companies selling CBD infused drops are saying that CBD reduces eye pressure linked with glaucoma. The American Academy of Ophthalmology on the other hand, advises against in.

A 2018 study of glaucoma and CBD showed that the substance may actually increases eye pressure by up to 18%, and was not a good substitute for medical marijuana to treat the condition.

To make matters worse, the American Glaucoma Society currently does not endorse CBD Oil as a viable treatment option.

Best CBD Eye Drops Brand

Right now, there is really only one CBD eye drop brand that has a strong reputation and good product line. C Better Daily drops are by far the best CBD eye drop brand currently going. They have developed a high-quality, all-natural formula proven to soothe eyes.

These eye drops use a high end CO2 Extraction and nanoparticle technology to reduce the oil to small enough particles for it to easily mix with their chamomile hydrosol liquid.

Finally, they have four different formula options to choose from, including a pet and child specific product.

Final Thoughts on CBD Eye Drops

CBD eye drops are one of the few CBD products that we have yet to use and currently steer clear of.

If you are looking for relief from dry eyes, ocular pain, or common irritation then the C Better Daily drops we mentioned earlier should bring welcome relief. If your goal is to treat glaucoma, we would recommend going with medical marijuana and other more traditional treatment options.

Mild eye conditions will be helped by adding a CBD Oil, capsule or pill to your everyday routine that might eliminate the need for drops all together.