Can truck drivers use CBD oil?

Truck drivers have a difficult gig. They spend countless hours driving and in a state of focus, but all this time behind the wheel often results in sore muscles and backs, stiff joints, and headaches or migraines. With the growing popularity of CBD for these conditions, a natural question is “Can truck drivers use CBD oil?”

All drivers are subject to strict regulations and safety precautions, including a CDL medical card which requires them to pass a drug screening. Anything that would cause them to fail one of these tests should be avoided.

For truck drivers, this means it is not as simple as “can truck drivers use CBD Oil”. Drivers need to consider if it is legal for them to take CBD, how it might affect a drug test, and the benefits from taking CBD oil.

Can Truck Drivers Use CBD Oil?

CBD Oil is federally legal in the United States so everyone, including Truck drivers, can use products containing CBD. Company Policy and state laws vary though, so there are several factors you should consider before taking CBD.

CBD is what is known as a cannabinoid and is derived from the cannabis plant. Historically, cannabis has been used for generations for its medicinal properties. Unfortunately, due to another cannabinoid, THC, cannabis is often associated with the stoner culture, hippies, and recreationally getting high.

CBD products are made from a special strain of cannabis known as hemp. This strain is special because it is legally limited to only have 0.3% THC content.

A quality CBD product will not get you high or give you any of the more notorious effects associated with cannabis, while still allowing you to benefit from it.

Is CBD safe to use while driving

CBD has very few side effects and is considered safe to use and non-toxic. That being said, some do find CBD makes them become slightly drowsy. If this is you then obviously you should not be taking CBD while operating any machinery.

With any new substance you’re taking, start with a small dose and work your way up. Also, we always recommend talking with a doctor who is familiar with CBD products if you have further questions.

Laws, Regulations, CBD and Trucking

We already mentioned that CBD was legal at the federal level, but each state has its own rules for CBD products and companies may have their own policies as to the use of CBD.

State Laws for CBD

For any trucker that is crossing state lines with their shipments, it’s important to know what the rules for each individual state that you are traveling through because there is a lot of variance in the legality of cannabis based products.

The only three states that still do not allow any cannabis-based products, be it CBD, THC or any other variation, are Iowa, Idaho, and South Dakota. The rest of the states at least allow THC free versions of CBD products, with many allowing medical marijuana with some restrictions.

Basically, careful if you’re traveling through Iowa, Idaho, or South Dakota, otherwise you should be fine.

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Company Policy on CBD

More restricting than the state laws governing CBD use, company policy might be the biggest barrier for trucker drivers and CBD.

In a Facebook poll by Drive My Way in January of 2020, 100% of drivers who filled out their survey said that their company does not allow CBD to be used by drivers. Now, this poll only reached 19 people, but no one reported their company was ok with the product.

CBD affecting Drug Tests for Truckers

CBD oil won’t make you fail a drug test. In fact, the major drug testing companies in the United States doesn’t even test for it! All tests used in the US are looking for THC, not CBD.

There are a few problems that arise with CBD, the THC found in cannabis, and drug tests though. Hemp products have up to 0.3% THC. With this super low percentage, it should be impossible to consume enough CBD oil to show up on a drug test, but it does technically create a chance.

This chance increases if you are using a low-quality brand of CBD. This is because they won’t have the third-party lab results proving the content of their product.

The best CBD brands like CBDFx, Charlotte’s Web, and MedTerra will all provide proof from a testing company to confirm the quality and substance of their product. If you take a chance with a cheap, unproven CBD brand it may have a much higher content of THC than stated which could put you at risk to fail a drug test.

A zero % THC product from a quality brand should leave you with no doubt about your ability to pass a drug test for your company.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Truck Drivers

While CBD has a fairly wide range of benefits, there are a handful that are specifically helpful for drivers who spend a long time sitting and having to focus.

Hours behind the wheel tend to lead to stiff joints, sore muscles, and even pain in knees, feet, and especially the lower back for truck drivers.

CBD has been shown to work with certain receptors in your body to reduce inflammation and reduce pain points, making it great to relieve achy joints, sore muscles, and a tight back.

Truck drivers can either take an oil version of CBD to manage full body symptoms, or use topical CBD products to directly target an area of pain.

Final Note on CBD Oil and Truckers

When asking “Can truck drivers use CBD Oil”, the question is undoubtedly yes. However, there are definitely rules they should look into in the states which they will travel through and with their company’s policy surrounding CBD.

Lastly, something we recommend for all CBD users in general… Make sure you are buying from a reputable, trusted brand that provides third party testing!