3 Benefits of CBD Oil You Haven’t Heard Before

If you are interested in the benefits of CBD oil you likely already know some of the more popular and published uses for the oil. The common benefits of CBD Oil are noted to help with stress, depression, stomach issues, and pain relief.

We also understand it’s likely that you’retired of taking expensive medication that has so many side effects and chemicals in them that you can’t being to pronounce.

Not only does CBD have a very safe profile with few side effects, but researchers continue to find medical conditions it shows promising results in treating. We are here to tell you about 3 things above and beyond pain and anxiety relief that CBD is associated with that many people aren’t yet talking about.

Protecting your Heart

Many studies have confirmed that CBD and THC help reduce inflammatory processes in the body. This is part of the reason it is so good for pain relief.

Now, the same anti-inflammatory benefits are being found in animal models of heart disease with CBD relaxing blood vessels and reducing clumping of white blood cells.

In 2017 a study published by JCL Insight gave nine adult males showed CBD had positive effects on several key markers used to track high blood pressure and heart disease.

So, the combination of anti-inflammatory benefits and the fact it’s shown to lower anxiety levels, helping to reduce heart rate and blood pressure leads many to believe CBD could potentially be a key to long term heart health.

Help Improve Your Sleep

It’s long been known that sleep is good for your health. Very, Very good.

Thanks to CBD’s relaxing, anti-anxiety effects it has been shown in several case studies to help people who suffer from sleep deprivation from insomnia or PTSD.

CBD has been shown to also interact with the 5-HT1A receptor in your body which is closely related to serotonin. Not only does serotonin help regulate your moods (relieving stress and alleviating depression) but it’s also a precursor to your bodies most powerful sleep hormone, melatonin.

Studies have also shown that cannabis users prefer strains high in CBD (as apposed to THC) as a sleep aid and are less likely to become dependent! This is great news since so many of the prescription sleep aids tend to be habit forming.

Anti-Cancer Benefits

Is there a scarier word in the english language than Cancer?

In early studies CBD has been shown to have remarkable anti-tumor effects and has been linked with killing cervical, leukemia, lung, thyroid and colon cancer cells!

It also holds potential for tough to fight cancers like brain, breast and prostate cancer.

In early studies CBD has shown potential to decrease the energy of cancer cells and make them more sensitive to white blood cells.

It is important to note that as of right now most research has been reduced to CBD on cells, and much more research will need to be done in humans.

We don’t know about you, but the health benefits of CBD oil have us excited!!!

There you have it! Three benefits that often get overlooked when people discuss CBD oil benefits.

If you feel like we overlooked any benefits that are overlooked please leave us a comment and we’ll do our best to update our post!