CBD For Gout: Will CBD Help Gout Sufferers?

CBD for Gout

Anyone who has suffered from Gout knows how intense the pain caused from it can be. It is so extreme it makes even walking difficult and can affect all aspects of your life. Using CBD for Gout gives sufferers a new option to relieve the symptoms, but does it work? Just like so many other … Read more

Is CBD Oil Covered by Insurance or Medicare?

Is CBD Oil Covered by Insurance

Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill any products made from the hemp plant are legal across the United States. Some states have fully legalized the marijuana plant as well, and some just medical marijuana. For many of us, this is an added cost in our budget, so it’s natural to wonder “Is CBD Oil covered … Read more

Can truck drivers use CBD oil?

Can Truck Drivers use CBD Oil_

Truck drivers have a difficult gig. They spend countless hours driving and in a state of focus, but all this time behind the wheel often results in sore muscles and backs, stiff joints, and headaches or migraines. With the growing popularity of CBD for these conditions, a natural question is “Can truck drivers use CBD … Read more

The Complete Guide to Shipping CBD Oil in 2020

Shipping CBD Oil

The CBD market is booming. It is arguable that it is the fastest growing product in the United States with an estimated one quarter of Americans having already tried it. For many, this means that the question on shipping CBD oil will arise, either to send it to a friend or as a potential business … Read more

The Benefits of CBD Capsules vs Oil: Which is Better?

CBD Capsules vs Oils

CBD’s popularity with the general public has skyrocketed in the last few years. With that boom, the number of products available has also soared, leaving some consumers to ask, “What’s the difference?”. One such instance of this is CBD capsules vs oil, which is better? What are the benefits? There are multiple factors that weigh … Read more

The Difference Between CBD Tinctures vs Oil

CBD tinctures vs Oil

It seems like there are about a million different CBD products for a consumer to choose from in today’s market. One common source of confusion is the difference between CBD Tinctures vs Oil. It would be really easy to think the two are the same thing. Afterall, they both commonly come in a little brown … Read more