The Entourage Effect – What Is It?

the entourage effect

Chances are that if you’ve done any research into Cannabis related products, such as CBD, you’ve heard of the Entourage Effect. But what is it exactly? Do only certain types of Cannabis have it? Does CBD oil have it? More importantly… is it real? Before you understand the ‘entourage effect’ you need to know that … Read more

Why is CBD Oil So Expensive? 5 Reasons

Why is CBD Oil so Expensive

One of the first questions we normally get when people are asking us about CBD is “Why is it CBD Oil so Expensive?” We totally get this, without any knowledge about the product the cost of CBD seems excessive to say the least. There are a handful of things that cause this high price, from … Read more

What to Know About Using CBD Oil for Sleep

cbd oil for sleep

Among the many uses that researchers are finding for CBD oil, sleep may be the most interesting. The ability to use CBD oil for sleep could provide relief for one of the biggest health problems in the U.S today. Sleep disorders are alarmingly common, with an estimated 50 to 70 million adults affected, just in … Read more

5 Reasons You Should Try CBD Gummies

Try CBD gummies

Many people have a soft spot in their hearts for Gummies. After all, how many of us have taken vitamins in gummy form at some point, or simply grabbed a bag to snack on? But what does that have to do with CBD? Well, In the last five to 10 years the health benefits of … Read more

Joy Organics CBD Review and Coupon Codes!

Joy Organics CBD Review

It seems like there are about a million different CBD companies making products today. The market is flooded with brands claiming they are superior to others for a plethora of reasons. Today, we look at one such brand and bring you a detailed Joy Organics CBD review! As of now CBD is still a very … Read more

The Best 2020 Black Friday CBD Deals!

One of the best times of the year to save on, well, everything, is Black Friday weekend. CBD is no exception! This year CBD companies are going above and beyond to outdo each other, and you get to benefit from it! We have looked through TONs of offers from almost 50 different companies to find … Read more

First Time Vaping CBD? Beginners Guide and Benefits

first time vaping CBD

People have been smoking cannabis for longer than you can guess, both recreationally and medicinally, and vaping CBD is becoming a popular option as well. If this is your first time vaping CBD, you may be concerned because you don’t want to get high, or can’t have THC in your system because of drug tests. … Read more

Using CBD for Restless Leg Syndrome: What the Research Says

CBD for Restless Leg Syndrome

Restless Leg Syndrome is one of many conditions that modern medicine has yet to find a cure for. Sufferers are left to try to manage symptoms and live with this disease. Using CBD for restless leg syndrome is the newest possible treatment option. With many traditional treatment options, there are a lot of negative side … Read more

Using CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Will it Help?

CBD for Carpal Tunnel

Anyone who has suffered from a repetitive stress injury will tell you the pain and inflammation caused by it can be debilitating. People that have developed this condition are always looking for ways to treat it. This naturally leads to the question: Can you use CBD for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome? In recent years, CBD has … Read more

CBD Oil Pros and Cons: Is CBD Right for You?

CBD Oil Pros and Cons

In the last 10 years or so CBD based products have exploded onto the market. Like any new product, people need to be able to make an informed decision about the benefits and drawbacks of a substance. We are dedicating this article to look at CBD Oil pros and cons. We’ve done a lot of … Read more