CBD Oil Free Trial Scam – Don’t Fall for it!

As the old saying goes, if it’s too good to be true then it probably is. This applies in all sorts of situations; for example, if you see a free trail CBD Oil offer… you guessed it. Free CBD Oil trials are just plain and simple too good to be true.

This is one of the oldest scams that has plagued the health, weight-loss, and supplement industry for years on end. Each time a new health product starts to gather a buzz a new “free trial” scam is not far behind.

CBD Oil Free Trial Scam

There are multiple companies out there currently offering a “Get a Free Trail Bottle of CBD Oil”. Initially it sounds great. You pay a small shipping and handling fee with your credit or debit card and they send you a sample of their product.

Where they get you is somewhere in the fine print or terms and conditions it states that you are signing up for a “subscription” or “membership” to their service and you will be billed monthly for their CBD. These charges are usually 90-100 dollars and in many cases are billed after just a few days of having the product.

To add injury to insult, the CBD Oil they send is of a very poor quality. These bottles of CBD Oil contain as little as 100mg of CBD per 30ml bottle. For comparison, a quality brand like Receptra Naturals has concentrations as high as 44mg per DROPPER (USE the Code RECEPTRACBD10 for 10% off your first order)!

CBD Oil Brands to Avoid

To help you avoid this scam we’ve assembled a list of all the “Brand Names” we know of that are associated with this sales tactic:

  • Pure CBD
  • True CBD
  • Miracle CBD
  • Sky CBD
  • Assure CBD
  • Divine CBD
  • Pure Med CBD
  • Organix CBD
  • Isolate Direct CBD
  • Optimal Choice CBD
  • Zen Labs CBD
  • Star CBD
  • Serene CBD
  • Serenity CBD

If we’ve missed a brand, or a new one has been found, please leave us a comment or send us an email so we can keep this list up to date!

What to do If You’ve Been Scammed.

Unfortunately, one of the many joys of this scam is that the CBD companies doing it normally have very, very poor customer service. If they have customer service at all. There are three steps to take if you’ve already run into this scam to help you get your money back.

Call Customer Service

Depending on the company you’re dealing with you may or may not get someone on the phone. If you do you can demand a full refund and if you need to threaten to file a fraud chargeback if they do not comply immediately.

Sometimes this will be enough to get your money back. These companies rely on referrals to get traffic to their offers and generally want to keep bad reviews as minimal and quite as they can.

Contact Your Bank or Credit Card

We recommend you also contact your bank or credit card company after this happens as well. If you were unable to get a refund via the company, you can explain you did not authorize the charges and should be able to get your money back this way.

Even if you were able to get a refund, it might be wise to get a new credit card as who knows what these companies might do with that information.

Contact the Authorities

Contact the BBB, State Attorney General, and any other business-related news outlet you know of. Bad reviews, official complaints, and fraud charges will pressure companies to either clean up their act or at very least inform other consumers.

Finding a Quality CBD Oil Brand

Hopefully you found this article before you fell for one of these companies and the free bottle scam. If not, we hope you’ll give CBD a second chance because we truly believe it’s a wonderful product with so many benefits.

To help consumers of all experience levels, we’ve put together a page of a handful of our favorite CBD Brands. These companies all have great reputations and are able to provide lab tests to verify their products are of the highest quality.

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