CBD Oil Dosage for Dogs – The Complete Guide!

If you’re anything like us, your dog is a part of the family. This means that when the dog isn’t feeling well it is a serious concern. Unfortunately, CBD Oil Dosage for dogs can be somewhat complicated. There are a lot of factors that go into it and it’s important to get it right.

CBD Oil Dosage for dogs depends on the size and age of the dog, the type of product, and the condition you are treating, to name a few.

Just as an example, a small dog with separation anxiety will likely need a much smaller dose than a larger dog with arthritis and painful inflammation.

We will also briefly look at health benefits and safety concerns along with many other questions that arise when talking about CBD for animals.

Let’s start with possibly the most important question of all:

Is CBD Oil safe for Dogs?

Dogs, just like humans, have an endocannabinoid system that is directly affected by ingesting CBD. This system is charged with regulating a balance in the body and integrates with many of our other systems. This helps explain why CBD is used to treat so many things. When you take CBD it helps return the body to homeostasis.

This doesn’t mean it’s safe though, so we dug a little deeper into the research on the subject.

As of the writing of this article, there are no known deaths in either human or animals related to an overdose of CBD.

CBD is also only one of the many cannabinoids in cannabis. The more notorious one, THC, is responsible for the high that is often associated with the plant.

CBD products for dogs have a very low % of THC, so you don’t have to worry about your dog getting high from these products either.

There wasn’t a single study that we could find that stated CBD was harmful for either us or our furry friends. So yes, CBD is safe for dogs.

Treating your Pet with CBD

Now that we know that CBD is safe, what conditions could you treat your dog for? If you’re not familiar with the benefits of CBD we’ll cover them briefly.


Many animals suffer from some sort of anxiety related to separation or trauma from past experiences. This is especially true if you’ve rescued your dog. CBD has been shown to work with serotonin levels in the blood to soothe many anxious feelings.

Inflammation and Pain

Especially in older dogs things like arthritis and chronic inflammation can lead to a dog to suffer be in constant pain. CBD in humans has been proven to help with these things, and while studies on our pets are lacking anecdotal evidence suggests pets experience similar relief.


Currently the only FDA approved cannabis medication is for epileptic seizures in humans and just like joint pain and inflammation, the same benefits appear in dogs as well.

Nausea and Stomach Issues

Working with the probiotics in your pet’s stomach CBD helps calm a upset stomach in many cases.

Symptoms from Cancer

We include this one as more of a hopeful listing. Very little has been proven in dogs for the effectiveness of CBD for cancer, although it does show promise taking the edge off the worst of chemotherapy.

Side Effects of CBD

While CBD is safe for dogs that doesn’t mean there won’t be some mild side effects if your pet is given too much.

The two things we see most often are lethargy and diarrhea. The lethargy will wear off as the CBD metabolizes, and usually the diarrhea is more from the carrier oil than the CBD and will run its course naturally.

Choosing the Right Product to Treat your Pet

There are three forms that CBD comes in for dogs, those being oil, capsules and treats.

The fastest acting treatment is oil, you place a dose under your dog’s tongue and let the capillaries absorb it directly into the blood stream.

As you can imagine, this can be a tough route to go. Not only are many pets sensitive when you place things in their mouth, but the taste is often bad, and we can pretty much guarantee your four legged friend won’t love it.

If that’s the case, capsules can be hidden in their normal food and what dog can resist a treat? Both are effect ways to administer CBD.

The drawback to CBD in pill or treat form is that it does have to pass through the digestive system and will take longer to affect your pet.

With each of these methods, dosing can be different, so next we will take a deeper look into how much CBD you should give your dog!

CBD Dosing for Dogs

CBD is still an unregulated product and so it seems like every brand has their own dosing guides, charts, and specifications.

To help combat this, we are going to walk through a simple formula you can use to calculate the dosage of CBD for your dog and mention the factors that affect the size of the dose your dog will receive.

The main three factors that influence CBD Oil dosage for dogs are the potency of the CBD, your dog’s weight, and the ailment your treating. With a potent CBD you may only need a drop, while a more diluted solution may require two or three. Likewise, a 25lbs dog will generally get a much smaller dose than a 100lbs dog.

There are a few other factors that play a smaller part, such as the dogs activity level and other health conditions.

If you are giving your dog CBD Oil than you’ll need to calculate the amount of CBD in each drop, so you know how many drops to give. The general rule of thumb is to start by giving your dog 1mg of CBD per pound. Most dogs will need a slightly higher dose and you can go as high as 5mg pretty fast, but we always recommend starting small and work your way up.

So, if we look at a 50lbs dog, they would start with about 5mg of CBD. The higher range of the recommended dosage for the same animal would be 25mg.

Honest Paws CBD Oil Dosing Guide

Our favorite brand of CBD Oil for pets is Honest Paws. Their full spectrum CBD Oils and Bites are organically grown, and all their products pass third party lab tests to ensure their quality.

One of the best parts of Honest Paws is they make dosing easy. Very easy.

They divide their product into three levels.

Purity Level 1 – Dogs up to 25lbs

Purity Level 2 – Dogs between 25-50lbs

Purity Level 3 – Dogs over 50lbs

Instead of drops they also do everything by dropper. At each level the animal gets 1 dropper of CBD, the potency of the oil changes, not the size of the dose! Even if you want to give your dog a dose in the morning and at night, you simply give half and half.

They also have a selection of CBD treats for dogs that follow the same level-based dosing system to keep things consistent and easy to remember.

Dosing CBD Oil for dogs couldn’t be easier!

To check out their full line of products you can find them at Honest Paws. Before you buy anything looking into their auto-renew plans, which saves you up to 30% off the single purchase price!

Check out the full list of our favorite CBD brands for more recommendations!