What is CBD Wax – Benefits, Types, and How to Use


The world of CBD is exploding. New brands and products are constantly popping up. Most people have researched their particular condition and know CBD will or won’t work… but what type of CBD? Unless you know what you’re looking for, or at, everything can be confusing. The range of CBD products is daunting, and includes … Read more

CBD and the Immune System

CBD and the immune system

We all know what the immune system is since we pretty much all took 6th grade biology. If you’re reading this, you probably have at least an idea what CBD is. That’s is the point where things generally get fuzzy though. Most people don’t have questions like: “Does CBD help immune system?” While Cannabis has … Read more

The Complete Guide to CBD Isolate

how to use cbd isolate

CBD Isolate is a pure, white, crystalline powder that contains 99% CBD. CBD Isolate is popular both because it is easy to use in a wide variety of applications and it is free of all other chemicals found in the hemp plant.

How long does CBD stay in your System?

How long does CBD stay in your System

Anytime you are taking a new drug, medication, or supplement there are a lot of questions that come with it. A large portion of these come before someone even decides to try CBD. Once people decide to try CBD Oil we find that many want to know how long CBD will stay in your system, … Read more